Our work

Our work


Music4Romania is currently sponsoring programs that benefit over 1000 Romanian children ages 2-18. For the last 6 years, we have had the privilege of touching the lives of children from Orlat Orphanage in Sibiu, Slimnic School, and Baia Mare School of Arts. Among others, we organized summer music and art camps both at Orlat and Slimnic and exposed the children to classical music through field trips to the Symphony and on-campus concerts and educational activities. For the children at the orphanage, we also established three educational programs that run throughout the year: a choral program involving two rehearsals per week and several performances during the year; a weekly guitar instruction program; and a chess program. We also donated musical instruments, hundreds of toys, books, games, art supplies, and much-needed personal tems, both during our summer visits as well as at Christmas time. At Baia Mare School of Arts, we donated over 450 CDs of classical music as well as a large collection of musical scores for their school library.


In the USA, we have been keeping busy with fun events that not only raise money for our programs but also offer our supporters a window into the culture and traditions of Romania and promote cross-cultural understanding. Among others, we organized concerts and dinners featuring Romanian and American music and cuisine; silent auctions of Romanian and American-made art items; and egg-painting workshops. We have also provided cultural news and information about Romania on our Facebook page, as part of our “Sundays in Romania” series.

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