Music4Romania is a 501(c)3 organization that aims to better the world through music. Our mission is to enhance the lives of children in schools and orphanages in Romania through musical and other cultural experiences and to enrich the international cultural landscape through events that promote Romanian and American music and cross-cultural understanding, both in Romania and the US.


Music4Romania was started in 2011, as a youth-driven initiative at Indian Springs School, in Indian Springs, Alabama. Currently based in Birmingham, Alabama, but operating internationally, Music4Romania has evolved into a community of volunteer musicians and music-lovers who believe in  the power of music to inspire and affect the lives of all people.

  • Sponsor high quality musical activities and programs in schools and orphanages in Romania, with the following goals: foster a love of music, especially classical music; promote creativity, discipline, collaboration, and excellence; encourage the growth of self- esteem and the development of character; provide opportunities for self-expression and leadership in the arts.
  • Donate musical instruments, CDs, music scores, and other educational supplies, as well as needed personal items to children in Romanian schools and orphanages.
  • Organize concerts and other cultural events that promote Romanian and American music and culture, music education, and cross-cultural understanding.

Music4Romania is an organization that depends entirely on the generosity of its supporters, and we kindly invite you to become involved in any way you can! Our volunteers are the core of our
organization; they are musicians and music-lovers who are generous, passionate, and caring, and they make it all  possible! Below are some suggested volunteer opportunities that we wold like for you to
consider, but you are also more than welcome to come up with your own project to benefit our  cause – your ideas and creative participation are always welcome by our team! Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Suggested Volunteer Opportunities:

  • If you are a musician or artist, organize a concert/event to benefit Music4Romania
  • Volunteer your professional services to provide advice or fundraise for Music4Romania
  • Volunteer to teach music, English, or leadership at one of the summer camps organized by Music4Romania
  • Spread the word about Music4Romania by adding a link from this site to your personal webpage or social media account


Thank you in advance for your support and generosity and for helping us make a difference through music! We couldn’t do it without you!